Program Executive Officer in the U.S. Navy 

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What career did you imagine yourself in as a young girl? I loved animals so I figured I would become a vet and take care of dogs and horses.

What has surprised you about your career? Is it like you imagined it would be? I never thought I would be an admiral. When I joined the Navy I was thinking, “OK – 4 years and then I will find something else to do.” I have loved every minute of it – the people and places I have seen are incredible. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

What is a typical day like at your job? The majority of my day is spent working with the Program teams who are buying and maintaining the aircraft for the US Navy and US Marine Corps. It is important to keep our aircraft in the best condition with the most relevant capability. I also spend a lot of time at the Pentagon working with leadership in determining requirements and influencing budget decisions.

What is the most interesting or unusual experience of your career?  I spent 14 months on Diego Garcia – it is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. I felt like I was living on Gilligan’s Island.

What is your favorite coffee drink? Starbucks skinny white chocolate mocha

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Bio: Rear Admiral CJ Jaynes is a Program Executive Officer in the United States Navy.  She has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mathematics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from Norwich University, and a Systems Engineering Certification from CalTech.  Although Rear Admiral Jaynes never thought that she would major in math as a young girl, she could not have gotten into the Aeronautical Engineering (Maintenance) specialty in the Navy without it.  One of her favorite things about her job is meeting so many different types of people and traveling to places that she would have never gone to on her own.

Rear Admiral Jaynes typically works with sailors, marines, civilian employees, Department of Defense contractors, schools, and community leaders. To do her job well she uses her skills in analytical thinking, strategic planning, communication, and consensus building in addition to her technical training.  Teamwork and achieving common goals are an important part of the being in the Navy. Outside of work, Rear Admiral Jaynes likes cycling, playing golf, coaching, and being involved with the Dalmation Rescue.