Marine Biologist and ConservationistRachel Carson

Lived from May 27, 1907 to April 14, 1964

Training: Rachel started her education at the Pennsylvania College for Women, now known as Chatham University, where she studied English until changing her major to biology in January of 1928. During the summer of 1929 she took a summer course at the Marine Biological Laboratory and continued her studies in zoology and genetics at Johns Hopkins University in the fall. She earned a master’s degree in zoology in June 1932.

Accomplishments: Rachel used her English skills to start an environmental movement! She wrote Silent Spring which discussed how the use of synthetic pesticides, many that were developed by the military during World War II, were harming our environment. This led to major conflicts between Rachel and chemical companies that were supplying these harmful pesticides, but eventually led to a ban on many pesticides. This environmental movement even led to the creation of the US Environmental Protection Agency!

Fun Fact: Rachel was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Jimmy Carter!

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