Digital Technologist at PMIKaylynn Bossart


Was there a particular person or event that influenced your career choice? As my college years were winding down, I knew that my job wouldn’t necessarily have a title (i.e. account executive, accountant, etc.) but that it would be a mixture of my talents. I particularly loved movies in high school (and still do) and after attending college and participating in an awesome radio internship, that’s when I knew I could never be a sales person; I knew I wanted to be on the production side–I love teaching people about different topics, especially technology as well as helping them anyway I can.

Coffee shop drink of choice? This is a great detail considering the industry I work in THRIVES on caffeine. 7am production shoots feel a lot earlier than that! I also used to work in a few coffee shops, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts….I love my coffee! I’d have to say a classic latte with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Or a breve. (Brev-ay). It’s espresso and steamed half and half, heavy on calories but rich and creamy, so it’s nice to have one of those every once and awhile.

Who are your heroes? I would have to say my parents. My dad is one of the smartest people I have ever known and is where I gained my work ethic from growing up. He’s a civil engineer and served in the Marines from 1975-1979. He has run 4 marathons in his lifetime and skis (often better than me!) and always has a joke ready to go. My mom has been a nurse for 30 years and has the patience of a saint–plus she’s an amazing baker! She’s very compassionate and has a sweet heart.

Bio: Kaylynn is a digital technologist at PMI (, a downtown Pittsburgh based company with a dog friendly (and encouraged!) office. Kaylynn has a degree in telecommunications for Penn State University and an audio engineering degree from a school in Arizona. From there, she had an opportunity to be an intern at PMI, and at the completion of the internship Kaylynn won herself the job. “I wrote a job proposal to the company about how I would be able to contribute and be a valuable asset to the company, from there on out, I have been working as the Digital Technologist where I work in multiple departments.” Working as a digital technologist requires a great knowledge of computers and technology, and daily tasks range from location audio one day to authoring DVDs the next. Coworkers and collaborators can change day to day too,  “I work with editors, sound engineers, camera operators, production assistants, graphic designers, talent, directors and creative directors. There’s plenty of creative flavor that’s in the office and everyone has a different background so meshing all the personalities together sure makes for an interesting group of people to work with.”

Outside of her job, Kaylnn is really active – skiing and camping are some of her favorite activities. She’s also been running and training for races that are little off the path, including a Mud on the Mountain obstacle race, a 5K Foam Fest and a Zombie 5K.