Permit Coordinator at Chevron

Kathleen McIntyre


What career did you imagine yourself in as a young girl? 

Where do you work? Normally I work in the laboratory but on occasion I will have to travel to customer plants.

What do you wear to work? The office is business casual and jeans are acceptable. I try to remain professional and comfortable at all times.

Where did you train for your career? I went to the University of Michigan for my B.S. in Environmental Science and went back for my M.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning. I also received my Certificate of Completion in Geographic Information Systems from UCSD through online courses. Additional trainings have been gained through professional conferences and opportunities including Wetland Delineation training and E&S training.

What are your favorite aspects of your job?I really enjoy the fast paced environment drill permitting affords. I enjoy the high level of detail associated with applications. On the other hand, I enjoy the ambiguity and fluidity of the regulatory process and permitting in general. Things can change quickly with little notice. Likewise, I love the level of interaction I have with other departments. There is freedom to problem solve and collaborate frequently.

What is your coffee shop drink of choice? Skinny Vanilla Latte

What is a typical day like at your job?A typical day in Drill Permitting can be varied. We regularly juggle applications for drilling, pit/impoundment dewatering, sewage, and restoration extensions. This involves data collection, stakeholder notifications, compiling applications, and submission of materials. We work closely with regulatory agencies such as the PADEP, WVDEP, and ODNR. We may have meetings with other departments and stakeholders to align agendas and push projects forward.

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