Postdoctoral Fellow at Children’s Hospital of Jillian TengoodPhiladelphia


What are your favorite aspects of your job? My favorite aspect of my job is that I never stop learning!  I am always meeting new people who teach and inspire me and in return I hope that I teach and inspire the people I meet!

What is a typical day like at your job? There is no typical day in my job!  There are so many different parts to my job such as caring for cells and animals, analyzing data, writing research reports and proposals, performing chemical reactions and documenting results – with all of these things to do, I’m never bored!

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Bio:Math and science teachers, as well as her parents and peers, influenced and encouraged Jillian through her studies in chemical engineering at Lehigh University and bioengineering at University of Pittsburgh. In her current work, Jillian interacts with physicians, scientists and veterinarians and works in the laboratory or her office. Jillian is a fitness enthusiast outside of work – she teaches aerobics classes and is currently training for her second marathon.