Orthopaedic Surgery Resident at University of California San Francisco


What is your typical day like? 5:30am: Round (see people in the hospital with after surgery, before surgery, etc.), 6:30am: Educational conference on various topics (Spine, knee/hip replacements, pediatric orthopaedics, bone/soft tissue tumors, hand, foot and ankle, trauma, etc.), 7:30am: to operating room for surgical cases or clinic, 6/7pm: See people in the hospital/home

Is your career as you imagined it would be? I am surprised that I love research as much as I do.  My career is better than I imagined: getting to see people in clinic, operate, and do meaningful research to improve the lives of children is very rewarding!

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Bio: Amanda Whitaker is an orthopaedic surgery resident at University of California San Francisco. Prior to her residency, she went to the University of Kentucky for undergraduate studies and Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine for medical school. Amanda says that her patients and colleagues are the best part of her job, and even though she’s tried different fields of healthcare “but orthopaedic surgery always won!”

Orthopaedic surgeons are skilled at fixing broken bones, making crooked bones straight, and creating new technology to improve bone and joint health.  To be an orthopaedic surgeon, you should like to work with your hands, have an inquisitive mind, and enjoy helping people. Amanda works with many different people including nurses, physical therapists, medical assistants, physician assistants, secretaries, researchers, and people of all ages with orthopaedic conditions (arthritis, back pain, broken bones, joint pain, scoliosis, sports injuries, etc.).

 Amanda’s current personal goals include a half ironman triathlon, go hang gliding and travel to Nepal. She will have to fit it around her busy schedule of research, teaching and surgery; unfortunately, she says long training time and long hours are the downside to this career.