While girls consistently demonstrate a high aptitude for both math and science, more than 10 years of research has shown that girls’ interest in math and science is often implicitly or explicitly discouraged – with shocking results. The percentage of girls who say they like science drops from 66% to 48% between 4th and 12th grades. There are very few female role models in the sciences for girls, especially in popular culture and mass media: this reinforces the belief that girls can’t, or shouldn’t, succeed in math and science.  Carnegie STEM Girls seeks to change all that. We all know that girls can – and must – play a vital role in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Here are some resources to help YOU to be the catalyst for STEM in their lives.

She's Livin' It! 

Meet some female professional role models and learn how they use STEM in their everyday careers!

Careers A-Z

Interested in a career, but want to learn more about it? Careers A-Z is a great resource to get you started!


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