Explore at Home!

Do you know that you can use common things found in your house or classroom to explore science? You don't need fancy or expensive lab equipment to do fun science experiments. You can demonstrate cool scientific principles and test out your ideas with everyday objects found all around you. Try one of these activities at home or school today!


Harry Potter Wands
Build a LED light up wand. Lesson brought to you by STEAMPoweredFamily.com!


Bath Bombs
Use chemistry to make relaxing bath bombs.

Scribble Bot
Build a scribble bot that will color on a piece of paper.

Edible DNA
Make an edible model of DNA, then enjoy your creation!

exploding foam
See how an exothermic reaction can make exploding foam!

How does liquid impact magnets?
How does liquid impact magnets?

glitter slime
Explore polymers and states of matter while you make some funky glitter slime! 

Can you workout with a clothespin and do science at the same time? Find out here!

bristle bot
Can you build a bristle bot and make it move?

marshmallow slingshot
How far can you launch a marshmallow across the room?

Create your own electromagnet! 

Build a simple hovercraft with everyday materials.

Rock Candy
Make rock candy by growing your own crystals! 

Blue daisy
Can you change the color of a flower's petals. 

Create a balloon that inflates on its own!

Fake Snot
Use chemistry to make slimy fake snot! 

Sun Chips Bag
Be a magician and shrink a bag of Sun Chips!

Create a non-Newtonian substance that behaves like both a solid and a liquid! 

Lava Lamps
Get your groove on and create a psychedelic lamp! 

Isolate the DNA from a sample of spinach.

Ice Cream
Create your own yummy ice cream from your refrigerator. 

Pretend to be a secret agent by writing a message in invisible ink! 

Glitter Globe
Create a fun toy that demonstrates different chemical properties! 

Polaroid camera
Take a photograph with your own homemade camera! 

Colored Sharpies
Separate the different colors of ink in a sharpie marker using chromatography. 

Recycled Necklaces
Create Your Own Necklace out of recycled magazines! 

Design, plan, and cultivate a garden from which you can eat a yummy, fresh creation of your own making!

Stress Ball
Make your very own stress ball. Relax a little! 

Make your own mini ecosystem inside a terrarium.

Funny Putty
Stretch your mind and learn chemistry by making Funny Putty! 

Create your own fossils to study and explore. 

Learn how to make your own play-dough!

Solar Cooking
Build a solar oven to make yourself some delicious s’mores! 

Use the acid to remove minerals from the bone to make it bendy.

Make super fluffy delicious pancakes from scratch! 

Discover the science behind practicing yoga! 

Lip Gloss
Use household ingredients to make your own lip gloss! 

Milk splashing into a glass
Turn milk into plastic using every day household items!

water and food coloring
How different are water and bleach when color is involved?

Paper Orb
You can make orbs and domes just out of paper! They'll look cool, and they're a way to learn geometry -- math!

toothpick tower
Build a Cost Effective Structure.