is a comprehensive site with activities, resources, and links designed to get teenagers excited about STEM - science, technology, engineering, and math. There are areas for students, teachers, and parents. Visitors can read about cool careers, learn about STEM programs and competitions, and link to a variety of other sites that help to provide a rich learning experience.

Despite comprising half of the overall workforce, women hold only 27% of STEM jobs in America's public and private sectors. In engineering and computer related fields, these numbers are even lower. We need to change that. There are so many careers that women+ can pursue in science, technology, engineering, and math! We want girls+ to recognize that STEM topics and careers are pretty cool - maybe even cool enough to be part of their future plans. To help them envision these possibilities, the Carnegie STEM Girls+ Programs offer after school opportunities, the Tour Your Future program, special events, and the comprehensive website!

This site highlights the offerings of the Carnegie STEM Girls+ Programs and contains many other resources to show teens of all genders the fun of STEM. From programs to activities and events, everyone can find something to love about STEM on this site! Be sure to email us your comments and suggestions, as we are updating our site regularly.

The Carnegie Science Center's Student Equity Programs Supervisor, Shannon Gaussa, is dedicated to maintaining this site and managing programs for girls, such as Tour Your Future and STEM Stars. Please feel free to use the Contact Us form to ask questions about our programs or to make programming suggestions.

Contact: Shannon Gaussa, Student Equity Programs Supervisor

Carnegie STEM Girls+ is a project of the Center for STEM Education and Career Development at Carnegie Science Center.