Geodesic Domes and Orbs

Your Challenge: You can make orbs and domes just out of paper! They’ll look cool, and they’re a way to learn geometry — math!Paper Orb



Colored Construction Paper


Tape/ Glue



Here’s How:

  1. Cut out 20 circles all of the same exact size and shape (the bigger your circles, the bigger your dome will be).
  2. Cut a triangle that will fit all three of its corners into one of your circles.
  3. Set your triangle cut out on top of each circle cut out, and trace the lines of the triangle.
  4. Put the triangle to the side, and fold your circle along the lines of your traced triangle (making “flaps”).
  5. Use glue to connect the side flap of one circle, to the side flap of another circle. Make the edges of each circle meet exactly with the other circle.
  6. Do step 5 with three more circles. It will now look like a dome-shaped object.
  7. Now connect 5 more circle, so that your object will start to look ball shaped.
  8. Glue all loose edges together to complete your dome


Take It Further:

Harder Dome Procedure: Get one piece of paper (the larger the paper, the bigger your orb will be, and the smaller the paper the smaller your orb will be). Fold the paper in half. Unfold your paper, and take one of the folded sides, and fold just that piece in half. Unfold your paper, and fold the top corner of your paper into a little triangle that lines up with the crease in the paper you just made in step 3! Keep this corner folded, and then re-fold that same corner so that it lines up with the crease again. Do steps 1-5 on the other side of your paper now, except instead of using the top corner, use the bottom one. Fold each half of the paper into the center (keep your little triangles folded in still!). Take the lower right corner, and fold it up so that it meets the center. Do the same thing as step 8 but with the opposite corner. Take each flap you just folded (steps 8 and 9), and put them under the folds that are already there (they are underneath, but they are there). Flip your paper over, and fold each point into the center. Do this with 30 more pieces of paper! Grab two pieces of paper and place one end into the other. Take one more piece of paper and place its end into step 13. This is called a peak now. Keep making peaks, and attach them to each other and soon enough, you will have a completed orb!


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