Bend a Bone

Your Challenge: Use the acid to remove minerals from the bone to make it bendy. Bone


Jar with a lid
Leftover chicken bone–drumsticks work best!


Here’s how:
1. Remove meat from the bone, using fingers and running water.
2. Test the strength of the bone – not bendable. Bones are strong because they have the mineral, calcium.
3. Put your bone in the jar and pour the vinegar in to cover the bone. Place the lid on the jar and leave for 3 days.
4. Remove bone from jar, discard vinegar, and rinse off bone. Try to give it a bend – is it flexible?


How does this work?:

Vinegar is an acid, it dissolves the minerals like calcium in the bone. Without calcium, bones become soft. Milk provides our bones with calcium, and acids in soda can take calcium away. Think before you drink!


Fun Facts: 

  • Getting enough calcium in teen years is important – by age 17, you will have gained about 90% of your adult bone mass. RESOURCE
  • Milk and dairy products aren’t the only source of calcium; spinach, kale, soy beans, and fish like sardines and salmon are also great sources. RESOURCE
  • Astronauts exposed to microgravity environment of space can lose up to 1% of their bone mass per month, similar to osteoporosis experienced by elderly men and women.

Activity shared by Livin’ It Role Model:Lauri Meszaros

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