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Caroline and Isabel BercawCaroline and Isabel Bercaw are inspiring to girls of any age! When they were only 10 and 11 years old, during the summer of 2011, they decided to make homemade bath bombs as a science experiment. With the help of their parents, lending them only $25 for ingredients, they began creating bath bombs with relaxing smells and vibrant colors. Little did they know that starting with $25 worth of supplies would grow into a multi-million dollar business! Caroline and Isabel decided to sell their bath bombs at a local art fair near their home. They made approximately 150 bath bombs for the fair, and ended up selling their entire stock in one day! That night, they went home, and made more bath bombs to sell the next day. They ended up selling out their stock again, making enough money to pay back their mom, and used their profits to reinvest back into the business.

Since then, Caroline and Isabel created DaBomb Fizzers, a company that sells 500,000 bath bombs a month. You can find their products at stores such as Target and Ulta. Caroline and Isabel, now 17 and 15, are the co-chief creative officers of the company!

Carnegie STEM Girls Interview with Caroline and Isabel

When did you become interested in experimenting and making bath bombs?

When Isabel and I where 10 and 11 years old, we loved using bath bombs but we found that they would leave us feeling really gross and sticky and there would be a stain in the tub which was not fun. That's when we decided to start making our own! We did a lot of experimenting and finally formulated our own recipe.

Was there a particular person or event that influenced you both?

We've definitely had a lot of people who've helped us so far and we're very grateful. Angie, the founder of Boom Chicka Pop, is one of the wisest and most intelligent people we've had the pleasure of meeting. She is so passionate about business and has such great advice.

What is your favorite bath bomb that you make?

Isabel's favorite bath bomb is usually the Featured Fizzer. It's whatever the newest bath bomb is because it's always something fresh and exciting. My favorite bath bomb is the Earth Bomb. We've donated 10's of thousands of dollars to organizations that help clean up the world's oceans. It's something we're both very proud and passionate about.

You both built your business from the ground up, did you figure out how to start a business on your own, or did you have guidance from someone?Caroline and Isabel Bercaw

I think something that contributed to our success so far, was that we didn't know about the "life path". We were never told that we had to go to college before starting a business. There were never any boundaries put on us so our imagination was free to come up with crazy ideas. (Sometimes it didn't work out but we learned!). I'm very grateful that we didn't follow the norm.

What do you aspire to be in the future?

Business can lead you to so many different directions. I would definitely want to continue with entrepreneurship and business. Isabel is interested in phycology but she's sure the business will stay with her wherever she goes!

Who are your role-models?

Some of our role models are Emma Watson (She's such a powerful and strong woman that we love), Angie, and we definitely look up to Joy (She's an amazing entrepreneur and business woman!)

What do you like to do in your free time?

We usually don't have much free time, ha! But just like every other teenage girl, we love going out with friends, and we're involved in some sports. (Track and soccer).

What advice would you give to other girls that are interested in starting a business?

If it's something you're truly passionate about and you're willing to fully commit to it, than go for it! It's going to be very hard (something a lot of people don't understand) and fun (something a lot of people expect.) But, if you work hard, it'll pay off. Isabel and I love having a job and surprising people with our age, so overall it's the best thing in the world!


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